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5573 Pressurising Dehydrator
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6202 Portable Desiccator
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19" Rack Mount Dehydrator
Type 6251/6252

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Dry air output to better than -40 Celsius 19" Rack Mount Dehydrator Type 6251/6252
Low noise levels & minimum vibration
Digitally controlled alarms
Wet air by-pass fail safe
Oil-less air compressor


This automatic pressurising dehydrator has been designed to operate under very arduous conditions, it has been tested to IEC standards in vibration, Shock, Bump, Free Fall, Dry Heat, Cold, Change of Temperature and humidity. Routine maintenance is minimised by the use of an automatically regenerated molecular sieve. Scheduled maintenance intervals are only required after 2500 hours of compressor run time, with a typical duty cycle of 5% - 10% this unit is cpable of running for prolonged periods without intervention. The standard unit is fitted with an air receiver tank in series with the dry air output, the pressure in this tank is sensed by the control electronics, closed loop control of the compressor ensures that this pressure is maintained at a preset level. The final output pressure is adjusted by a pressure regulator mounted on the front panel. Types 6251 & 6252 only differ in terms of front and rear connections, the 6251 interfaces via the front panel and the 6252 via the rear.

COMPRESSOR Two ( 2 ) Oil-less Air Compressor
POWER SUPPLY 220/240 V AC 50Hz 2 Amp
DRY AIR OUTPUT Adjustable over range of 0 - 2.5 nl/min
OUTPUT PRESSURE Specified by customer between 0.5psi and 15psi
DEWPOINT Better than -40 Degrees Celsius in ambient conditions
of +30 Degrees Celsius and 75% RH
WET DRY BYPASS Fail safe solenoid valve controlled by Humidity Detector
DISPLAY & ALARMS Dewpoint Trend ( Digital Readout )
Output Pressure ( Digital Readout )
Receiver pressure gauge
Compressor total running hours counter
Output Dewpoint ( LED )
Output Pressure ( LED )
Dewpoint & Pressure Display
Power on/off
Low Output Pressure Display
High Humidity alarm
Mains Fail Alarm
AIR DRIER Twin bed, fully automatic heatless reactivation
Dessicant - molecular sieve
HUMIDITY CONTROL Digital electronic surveillance
OPERATION Temperature limits of 0 to +40 Degrees Celsius
DIMENSIONS Height: 266mm, Width: 483mm, Depth: 466mm
Weight: 30Kg

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